General Topics Dermacosmetics for Problem Skin

general topicsThe Motto "The Future is Open" signifies the open way that General Topics utilises scientific rigor, technological pragmatism & controlled experimentation to develop state of the art dermacosmetic products which meet the needs and expectations of consumers.

Based in Salo, Italy, General Topics is developing cosmetic dermatological solutions for specific skin types and for different consumer issues; whether caused by age, lifestyle, genetics or as a result of a specific event, such as scarring from an accident.

General Topics are ahead of the field in developing delivery technologies, whereby innovative active ingredient effects are optimised.

The technologies make the products more suitable for a wider range of skin types. Ingredient effects are prolonged and their chemical breakdown is resisted while also improving their absorption characteristics to maximise the benefits; whether that be slow release, deep release or even holding the active ingredients on the surface of the skin and preventing absorption.

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Thinking House

General Topics - the creators of dermacosmetics for problem skinScientific research is carried out 'in house' and at academic institutions that specialise in the key skin issues that are under investigation.

First, individual entities are evaluated for their 'biological potential' by studying their physical and chemical characteristics, toxicology and safety profile, and of course their biological activity.

The next stage is the 'scientific approach'. Various skin conditions are treated with a 'global view' through a synchronised multi targeted approach. This is where technology is utilised to ensure the isolated substances are combined to work synergistically, simultaneously and effectively to tackle the causes responsible for the changes in the skin's metabolic equilibrium, which has resulted in the unwanted appearance.

Safety and efficacy are fundamental to the research, and without using animal testing these are rigorously evaluated.

A huge emphasis is placed also on customer acceptability, in terms of the quality of the ingredients and the consumer acceptability - with minimal risk of allergies and reactions.