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Synchrovit® Face

Synchrovit Face


Synchrovit® face is a pleasant and effective anti-wrinkle product capable of visibly improving the appearance of the skin of the face and neck which show lines caused by age or laughter lines.
The logical and plausible interaction of the scientific and technological aspects have enabled us to create a product featuring High Cosmetic Efficiency.

Method Of Use

Synchrovit® face is an effective, pleasant and easy to use cream, suitable for all skin types, that can be applied to all areas of the face and neck and which makes an excellent make up base.
It is extremely smooth to apply and is rapidly absorbed and leaves no traces of greasiness or stickiness.
First clean the skin carefully, then apply the cream to the face and neck morning and/or evening massaging the skin delicately until it is completely absorbed.
Synchrovit® face is formulated to reduce the risks of allergy and for increased skin tolerability.


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