Science - Redness Control

Erythema Reduction

In the Scientific overview you will have read about the processes affected by Rosacure® and Synchrorose® (the clinical strength option). This clinical study demonstrated the visible outcome of using the product.

Rosacure® and Synchrorose® (the clinical strength option) has been through medical studies carried out by top dermatologists in the field of rosacea and below is a summary of the results of one study which shows rapid reductions in erythema (reddening and swelling).

Redness Graph
Here are some photos taken before and after 10 days of some of the actual patients in the experiment.

Rosacea before and after shots

Reduction in Anti-Inflammatory Chemicals like Interleukin-1-Alpha

Various chemicals are released by the skin in response to triggering, exacerbating the skin's response. The key ingredients in Rosacure® and Synchrorose® (the clinical strength option) have been shown to reduce the amount of inflammatory agents released when stimulated. In the experiment below, an inflammatory-triggering chemical known as SLS was used and you can see in that the key active ingredients in Rosacure® Fast and Synchrorose® Fast (the clinical strength option) reduced the amount released and this was sustained over time.

Regulation Graph